Saturday, September 15, 2007

Game 148: Steps for Dealing with Grief

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 7, New York Yankees 8

Step 1: Denial

There is no freaking way we should have lost that game. I won’t believe it! I can’t believe it! I SHANT believe it! I mean how… HOW do they piss away a 5 run lead after Dice-K pitched so well? It’s unfathomable. Honestly, this can’t be happening.

Step 2: Anger

I will take a tire iron and go right upside Francona’s head. Where does that freakshow get off leaving Oki in there for as long as he did? Forget the back-to-back homers, I wouldn’t have let him START that inning. And freaking Papelbon? What the hell man? You blond disaster! How is it possible that you let EVERY FREAKING BASERUNNER score in that inning? I want to make a map of New England in you entrails. And don’t get me started on the goddamn Yankee lineup. May all their children be born with tiny penises… even the girls.

Step 3: Bargaining

It’s fine though. Really it’s all ok. We drop the first one (I had it in my head as a loss anyway) and we’ll win the next two. Not a big deal. We’re still in first by 4.5 games and even if we lose everything we’re STILL in first by 2.5. Really… not a big deal at all.

Step 4: Depression

(This step happened last night from about 12:00 till I passed out. I am amazingly hung over right now.)

Step 5: Acceptance

What a way to lose. It was the biggest tease of the season, but yes, even this shall pass. Getting to the playoffs is the ultimate goal and if they can learn from losses like this then it might just have to be the price we pay. The bullpen is taxed, there are holes in the line up and some of the starters are beginning to slow down. Take it all in a move on. The next two days don’t get any easier.