Monday, March 30, 2009

Schilling, the Hall, and a Number on the Wall

Yes, I know: I'm definitely not the first to bring up this conversation and we've got five years to gain some perspective before the writers start voting, but assuming an argument like Joe Posnanski's is effective enough to push Curt Schilling over the borderline and into the Hall of Fame, you'd have to figure we'd be seeing a ceremony to put 38 up with the rest of the retired numbers the following season, right?

Sure, Schilling's length of service with the Sox doesn't meet the 10 year requirement the team has maintained as part of its retired number policy, but - and again, this is assuming he grabs a spot in the hall, because I don't see the Sox throwing two of their requirements out the window - weighed against the legend of the bloody sock and two very important championship rings, falling a few years short of the mark doesn't seem like such a big deal.