Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Trails, Josh Bard

Did not see this coming: the Sox cut Josh Bard today, killing Bard's second Boston stint before it could begin and opening up the lanes for George Kottaras to join the big league club three years after they acquired him in a trade with San Diego for David Wells and a case of meat pies. It's a surprise because Bard seemed to be filling the role: he'd hit very well in his 13 spring training at-bats and caught Wakefield successfully, making him seem like a logical choice for the backup backstop. ProJo attributes the decision to Kottaras's lack of minor league options and the ability he's also demonstrated in catching the knuckleball under live fire. I guess the Sox see enough of the catcher of the future in Kottaras to want to both avoid the risk of a waiver claim and give him a season of tutelage under Varitek. It's too bad they had to do so at Bard's expense, but at the very least I think he's hit well enough thus far to earn himself a berth somewhere else.

Hat tip to Red Sox Now