Friday, September 01, 2006

Game 134: Holy @&%!, We Won

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Toronto Blue Jays 4

What did I say about losing streaks coming in sixes? While I was out celebrating my wife and her two coworkers saving their jobs (and the school they work for) by working their tails off over the past few weeks, eating so many buffalo wings that I woke up in the middle of the night because my stomach had decided it was packing up and moving out of my body because it was tired of the abuse, the Sox were having a celebration of their own. Heck, even Alex Rios was celebrating, even though he’s on the wrong team: he tipped the ball into the right field seats to give Alex Cora his first home run since August 15, 2005.

By the way, as a sidebar: watching the replay of that home run, it looks like the Larry Bird versus Michael Jordan Big Mac ad: off the bat, off of Rios’ glove, off Rios’ hand, nothing but right field box. I’m not sure what’s funnier about the home run: Alex Cora’s double take when he finds out what happened or Don Orsillo’s on air reaction (“that’ll…get out of here, it’s a home run!”).

All in all, an excellent ending to a terrible August for the hometown team: Lowell hit a three run bomb in the first to break things open against the always deadly Doc Halladay, Cora’s home run put the Sox on top for good, Pedroia and Kapler made excellent defensive snags that kept the Jays from coming back in the late running, the Sox frickin’ won, Papi’s out of the hospital and might be coming back this weekend and Lester has enlarged lymph nodes and nothing more (and, according to Tito, is understandably pissed about Massaroti bringing up the Big C in his article yesterday).

The front office also officially turned Boston from contender into spoiler (after the losses to the Yankees and the teams on the West Coast did the same thing unofficially) by trading David Wells to the Padres for a player to be named later, giving Wells a shot to push his hometown team into the playoffs. Rumor has it that the player to be named is catching prospect George Kottaras, who’s apparently got a good glove – good thing, because he hasn’t exactly been tearing things up in Triple A. Thus ends the era of the Boomer, which is a little sad. No more jokes about eating, or being fat and he was the only guy left on the team who you could really make drinking jokes about, too. Still, getting something for Wells was a good move – Boston’s not going anywhere in 2006 and this way we have something for the future.

Tonight, Kyle Snyder faces lame duck Ted Lilly, going for (dare we hope for it) another win. Lilly’s actually been hittable against Boston this year, so I’m not ready to write another game off quite yet. GO SOX!!!