Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Sheffs In This Kitchen, Thank You

Good to see the numbers and the man agree: Ortiz needs no Manny protection to thrive.

Meanwhile, ProJo reports on the possibility of Gary Sheffield coming to Boston after a failed stint in Detroit. It seems to be a one-sided desire so far, but let's review why it would be a bad idea:
  • He's a 40-year-old power hitter. They don't tend to age very well, particularly without the aid of third-party substances.
  • He's coming off a season where he spent a good month on the DL and he has a history of wrist problems.
  • He doesn't play well with others. I was looking forward to a season where someone didn't spend time at the front of the sports pages for saying something incredibly idiotic. He's also a bit of a tool.
  • I just might have to bring back Weird Mitigating Factors.