Tuesday, April 07, 2009

MLB.tv Continues to Fail

And yet I continue to subscribe. This time around, I laid out the extra cash for the premium package, for two reasons:
  1. I love the DVR concept in all of its forms and knew the option to pause a game would be very useful during the season.
  2. If I'm watching the Red Sox, I want to listen to the guys on NESN, not the randomly selected feed that the service happens to want to serve that day. The difference is important enough that I was willing to pay more to be able to choose my feeds.
Well, it's Opening Day Part 2, the Sox are on...and there's no audio feed from NESN. None at all, with no explanation of the problem, no status message, no email alert, no attempt to connect with the fans on the MLB.tv web page, nothing. So I'm listening to the Rays announcers and wondering why I keep getting suckered in.