Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts on the Beckett Suspension

I missed the pitch that started this whole argument, so I'm getting everything second hand - and strangely enough, the official source of all things baseball isn't making the video easy to find - but the more I read about the circumstances of Beckett's suspension, the more I have to wonder: what the flying crap is the league office thinking? Beckett's word against Scioscia isn't much in the way of evidence - although I find it telling that it's Scioscia and not Abreu who's making the big fuss about Beckett being a headhunter - but when the league comes back and gives a ruling that seems to overrule the umpires, that's saying something. I could understand ruling a reverse for a matter of dispute involving scoring, but on a slipped pitch seemingly thrown in accordance with training because a late-placed time out call...does someone in the discipline office have it in for Beckett?