Thursday, April 30, 2009

Color Me Unsurprised: Dave Roberts Joins NESN

NESN announced that they just hired Dave Roberts as a studio analyst. I read the news and I thought, "well, of course. I bet that job was waiting for him the day he announced his retirement." Then I started thinking about it a bit more and while I don't begrudge the man his job, I did start to think about how odd this announcement would look out of context. Think about what your reaction would have been - if you had one at all - if NESN put out an announcement that they had hired a former baseball player who had played 45 games in a Red Sox uniform five years ago and amassed a stat line of .256/.330/.442 over the half season he was here. Put a name to the numbers and it all makes sense, but only - only - because of one Earth-shattering decision the guy made during one game a half-decade ago.

Like I said: I neither begrudge Roberts his success that would doubtless be his in any venture he would undertake in the greater New England area nor that one decision so important it earned the moniker The Steal in well-placed capital letters. Instead, I marvel at the amazing repurcussions that one action can have. It's like fairy-tale level fortune. But then again, it feels more and more like that entire post-season was full of that kind of magic, right?