Thursday, April 09, 2009

Good to Get the First Blowout Out of the Way Early

Hooray for the mutability of the early season, when a team like Baltimore - lowly, lowly Baltimore - can find itself in first place after trouncing the Yankees for a brace of wins. Good for Baltimore for proving they're not the AAAA team we all expected, but it makes me think of visiting Camden Yards in 2005 while the Orioles were on one of their rare first place runs and getting heckled by fans who should have known the hammer was about to fall.

Speaking of hammers falling, it's good to know that Scott Kazmir still seems unhittable. It's deceptive in a way, because while Kazmir really isn't that good against Boston, seeing him shut down the offense is an expected return to status quo that one wouldn't expect from his 3.02 ERA in Fenway or 3.62 ERA against the club. No worries about the loss, though: it sets up a nice rubber match for this afternoon and we can see Matsuzaka translate some of that WBC mojo into a Rays shutdown.