Sunday, May 03, 2009

David Ortiz Will Wreck Things When He's Good and Ready

I'll admit it: I've been concerned about Ortiz. Really, who hasn't? His average is down, he's yet to hit a home run, teams are intentionally walking Pedroia to get to's not a good scene. There seems to be hope, though: Ortiz not only took the time to talk the talk today, but he's walking the walk. Literally. To wit:
"I'm not going to lying [sic] to you. I was trying to get five hits in one at-bat. So right now, I'm just taking it slowly. If they want to walk me, they don't want to give me [expletive] to hit, I won't swing. If you give me something, I'm going to try to hit. If I don't hit a home run today, I'm going to hit a home run tomorrow."
As of his first at-bat today, Big Papi has five walks in the last four games. He hasn't gotten any hits in that time period, but the walks seem like pretty tangible proof that Ortiz is on his way back to getting his head on straight and becoming a feared member of the lineup once again.