Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Surprise! Julio Lugo Isn't Really Ready To Play

Because inquiring minds want to know, Terry Francona has to answer questions about Julio Lugo, and being a good manager, he protected his player as much as possible without dodging any bullets. Unfortunately, his answers seem to have generated more questions:
"Talked to Lugie today, he came back quick," Francona said. "I don't think he's moving yet like he's gonna. I told him to take the next day or so and get with [strength and conditioning coach Dave Page] because I think putting him out there sometimes is a little unfair. I thought [Sunday] he got put in some situations where plays were hard for him to make.
So he wasn't really ready, was he. He came back because the Sox couldn't call Gil Velazquez back up again, but really he should have been working out his kinks in Pawtucket. Did I get that right? "Looking out for both guys (Green and Lugo)," as Francona put it in the same article, is all well and good, but maybe Lugo shouldn't start until he really is back to 100 percent? Meanwhile, calls for Lugo's head continue to grow.