Thursday, May 07, 2009

Manny and the PEDs

Besides the "holy crap!" nature of the story - I mean, Manny Ramirez getting suspended for half a season just makes you wonder that much more about everything that happened while he was in Boston - one thing I note with sardonic amusement: Jose Canseco was right again.
In an appearance at USC last month, Jose Canseco said Ramirez's name "is most likely, 90%" on a list of 104 players that failed a drug test in 2003. The players were promised anonymity for taking tests in 2003; Rodriguez is the only player that has been identified among that group.
What's Canseco's record on these things at this point? At least 90 percent, with a few unconfirmed? And yet no one (yours truly included) really wants to listen to him every time he makes a claim about someone who juiced. Does that make him the slightly scummy Jeremiah of 'Roid Years?