Monday, February 20, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

Sure it’s 30 degrees here in Brooklyn, but the Red Sox Spring Training 2006 is gearing up at the City of Palms Park. The pitchers and catchers are pitching and catching, the new guys are getting their pictures taken, Wells showed on time, and Schilling is holding his daily private press conferences.

So now that everyone is hanging around western Florida (except Manny who might be in Italy) who do you want to look out for? Well I’ll tell ya:

#1. Keith Foulk
After winning a bet with Bill Mueller on who had the worst knees, Foulk is looking to regain his 2004 status as a thoroughbred champion. If not, then he needs to be put out to stud. Hey. He closed the ALCS and World Series… he’s earned it.

#2. Curt Schilling
Looks like he’s lost 40 lbs but not one ounce of lip is missing. Good Ol’ Curt? Or just Old Curt?

#3. Mike Lowell
Is he going to be a solid 5th batter that gives Manny some protection? Will he show that last year was a fluke? Otherwise he is going to be that AWFUL side salad we had to take to get the Beckett steak.

#4. Gonzalez, Cora, Graffanino or Pedroia at SS
I know I know… some are saying “I’ll take the bullet”, but this is what we are stuck with. SOMEBODY has to be the cream of this crop. Even though he doesn’t have a guaranteed contract, I think Gonzo is going to keep his spot. At least until he is batting .190 in June (then we might see Cora).

#5. Wells and Manny
Both wanted out… both still here. It’s not IF they will bring drama to the start of the season, it's HOW MUCH drama will they bring? This one might work itself out though. Wells is going to retire after this year, and Manny will forget he ever asked to be traded by May.

#6. Coco Crisp
Will he stay crunchy in milk?