Tuesday, February 21, 2006

[We're] Going Through Changes

Him and us both

Spring Training: a time for getting back on track, sulking defiantly, wondering about your coworkers, going on vacation…and freaking out your readers by completely redesigning your blog. Maybe this will be a yearly thing – last year we moved locations, this year we change the look…who knows what wild and wacky things the future will hold!

The culmination of 6 months of Robin and I saying, “we really should change the look of the blog to be more in line with, you know, a Red Sox site,” a hard Friday’s night of heavy drinking, planning, stealing design ideas and photos from Google and a weekend of fighting with first CSS and then Blogger’s poorly documented tags, the new design is meant to simultaneously give Keep Your Sox On a more consistent look and remind one and all that we’re doing this stuff from Brooklyn. Like, New York City. From the heart of enemy territory, mere miles from the temple of darkness and other ridiculous comparisons between the New York Yankees and things associated with Satan. We’re rebels, yo.