Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Game 63: That’ll Do Pig

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 2, Colorado Rockies 1

Tim Wakefield’s scowl will be slightly softer tonight thanks to J.D. Drew. One out, bases loaded, 8th inning of a tie game and in steps Drew of the many underperforming batters (oh and we’ll get to the rest of them later) that happen to be in Boston’s lineup. Does he hit it out of the park? No. Does he get an extra base hit? Not so much. A single? A walk? An error? No, no, no… but he hit it juuuuust hard enough to score Cora from third. That’ll do pig, that’ll do.

Wake was unstoppable. 8 innings of “how the hell can that ball dance like that?” pitches and hard swingers like Holliday and Helton looked silly. Paps came in and shut the door hard. 97 mph looks like 197 mph when you were trying to swat a knuckleball all day. It was Wake that set the table for the win though. He was the Wake we knew from the beginning of season… same run support too.

The most positive thing that happened offensively today had to be the formation of the lineup. Pedroia and Youk leading off looked mighty fine tonight. Sure the bottom of the lineup Coco, Mirabelli and Lugo look like 3 guys they picked off the street, and SURE Pedroia and Youk didn’t perform as well as we know they can… but at least Francona is thinking about the problem.

So can we live with the crappy underperforming 8 and 9 spots? I say yes and I hope they stay with this for a few nights (weeks). Now go get some runs.