Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Game 69: Curt-tailed

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 4, Atlanta Braves 9

Ok, so the Braves are a hot team and the Sox are in a bit of a prolonged slump… but there is just no way to survive a pitching performance like the stinker Schilling dropped on us today. I mean wow. Two ass spankings in a row for the guy who wants an extended contract? Was it the one hitter? Was it the fact that he had to bat? Well , you can’t blog your way out of this one Schill. This was on your head.

If he wasn’t bad enough, Joel and Timlin sealed the deal with a 3 run in 2 inning performance that made me grimace through my beer. Let’s just call them the dark side of the bullpen. It really makes me sad that the old workhorse Timlin is now resigned to the “up by 4 runs, down by 4 runs” duty. Long gone are the days when he is the go-to-guy.

The bats were as inconsistent as they have been… with 2 glaring exceptions. Drew had a homerun, and Coco had 2. Everyone ok? Do you need a moment to collect yourselves? Yeah I said “homeruns”… why are you looking at me like that? You’re going pale and getting woozy? Just steady yourself and hold tight. I promise I’m not lying. I know it can be quite a shock when 90% of the offense comes from the guys who aren’t hitting. We’ll get Papi back in the lineup tomorrow and all will be well… maybe.

Enough with this back and forth BS. Paging doctor Beckett…. I need 9 innings of domination STAT.