Monday, June 18, 2007

Game 68: The Big Hitting Glow

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 9, San Francisco Giants 5

Did the Sox achieve a bloody, messy victory for Father's Day 2007? Most definitely - a victory well-worth Tim Wakefield's rising ERA and even (though I hate to say it) the home run he surrendered to Barry "*" Bonds. A golden slice of heaven, a sweep (!) that soothes the mind of a Red Sox fan so much more because for three reasons: first, it upped the gap over the dangerous Yankees up to 8.5 games; second, after two weeks of weak play and two lost series, a series sweep fits in well to that old joke about the similarities between sex and oxygen: sweeps are only important when you're not getting them.

The third reason is by far the most important: the Red Sox are really, legitimately hitting again, or at least I'm going to say so because the extended dry spell had me so freaked out that even two (non-consecutive) heavy-offense days will need to stand in as the steel and flint to spark a return to hitting normality. In other words, I'm willing to pin my hopes on this weekend's efforts, because the Sox have the mother of all evil road trips coming up and need to keep hitting.

So, let's revel in the glory of yesterday's hitting: the only starters not to get hits were Lugo (ugh) and Wily Mo, but Wily Mo left after three at-bats for Crisp, who got a single in the eighth. J.D. Drew as lead-off continues to pay unexpected dividends, as Drew converted a hit and two walks into two runs thanks to a strong showing by the heart of the lineup: no less than 2 for 4 for Papi, Manny and Youk, topped by another Man-Ram bomb. Even better, the Sox took the lead early with two runs in the first, then took the game away with a gorgeous five-run explosion in the third. I don't know about you, but I'm still basking in the happy glow.