Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Game 111

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4

An excellent job last night - here's to more fun tonight watching the game on ESPN. I didn't listen to the entire game, but the most exciting moment for me by far was the sixth inning, when Lugo singled, Huff singled, Baldelli tripled...and then Arroyo kept him on third for the next three outs. Brilliant. Heck, not only is it brilliant, but it continues to make me excited about what this pitching staff can do when it works. Let's see, what else...

Manny was back in the lineup again last night - which continues to mutate like a deranged virus. I think we can give up on the idea of it ever being anything close to stable, even when everyone is healthy. I just watched the Doug Mientkiewicz super play where he did a full out stretch/dive thing to get Carl Crawford out at first. Incredible play and maybe the sort of thing that could give Derek Lowe (who's pitching tonight) the confidence he needs to be what he is: a ground ball pitcher.

Finally, I was inspired to do some thinking about how involved I've gotten in the fortunes of the Red Sox and it seems like I've been basing my moods any particular evening on how they fare - not particularly healthy. As a result, I'm going to try and tone down the negativity a bit and approach this blog from more of a love-of-the-game standpoint, starting with a new sign off: GO SOX!