Thursday, August 12, 2004

Game 112

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 14, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 4

I think Derek Lowe was in danger once last the first inning, after the Rays took the lead 1 - 0. He got out of that inning fine and did fine the outing, until he was pulled after 5 and 2/3 innings with the recurrence of The Blister. The offense capitalized on mistakes early and often (Millar went 4 for 4, Varitek hit a three run double, etc.), the defense was excellent and the game was basically over by the third inning. Ramiro Mendoza, who pitched an inning and a third, continues to be consistent. I had to listen to the game instead of watching it - apparently just because says the game will be ESPN doesn't mean that it will, in fact, be on ESPN everywhere. Ah big deal.

Something I noticed last night, which gave me immense amounts of gratification: I still do this a little bit, but up until recently, as a result of the team's defensive woes this year, I would jump every time even the most routine play needed to be made, for fear of collision or error. This surge of nerves was not helped by the Red Sox announcers, who, when they got excited over an opposing team hit, would do so because someone had made an error. Now, post-Nomar trade, I find the reverse is true - when Joe or Jerry get excited over a hit, it's usually because someone has just made a fantastic play. I must say, I'm pretty darn grateful. GO SOX!