Monday, August 16, 2004

Game 114 - 116

Game 114: Boston Red Sox 7, Chicago White Sox 8
Game 115: Boston Red Sox 4, Chicago White Sox 3
Game 116: Boston Red Sox 4, Chicago White Sox 5

Oh, those one run games. I only got to hear the first part of Friday's game (which did not go well for the Sox until after I turned it off) and the last part of Sunday's game, which had an exciting rally at the end, although the Red Sox couldn't pull out a win. Jerry Troupiano blamed the bullpen for the run differences in both Friday's and Sunday's games, but the offense was partly to blame too - Friday ended with a bases loaded strikeout (Varitek) and Sunday ended with a bases loaded dribbler (Cabrera) after the Red Sox failed to move their runners more than a base per hit. Ironically, the guy who closed both games, Shingo Takatsu, was the guy I picked up for my fantasy team on Friday to replace Williamson, who's encountered more problems on his road to recovery (see below). In any case, the Red Sox find themselves tied for first place in the wildcard again tonight.

Injury Report: Kevin Youkilis had a meeting with Sandy Alomar's shinguard on Sunday during a play at the plate and it gave him a contusion on his leg. Youkilis' injury has had some interesting effects on tonight's defense, but you won't get to find out about that until tomorrow. Ha. Kevin is day to day.

Scott Williamson may be out for the rest of this season and possibly a good deal of next season, after being told by his doctor in Cinncinati that he's going to need Tommy John Surgery for the second time in his life. Since Williamson is a free agent after this year, it's very possible that we may have seen the last of Williamson in a Red Sox uniform. It's too bad, really on a number of levels - he's a good pitcher in general, has had a positive effect on Sox pitching this year and the Sox need him badly right now. Williamson will be going (or his MRI will be going, the details weren't clear) to Birmingham, AL for a third opinion. The decision will be announced on Monday.

Curtis Leskanic may be back as soon as tomorrow, Mark Bellhorn before September. Pokey Reese and Ellis Berks still do not have definate timetables. I pray daily for no injuries. Derek Lowe just hit Carlos Delgado in the back for running into Doug Mientkiewicz back in the second. GO SOX!