Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Game 105

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2

You know, I thought I had heard it was a four game series this week...but I was wrong. It's a three. I blame ESPN. That does means that this is first series since the road series that the Sox have won since playing Kansas City back in early June. Interestingly enough, since that series was the series right before Nomar came back, the length of the drought coincides exactly with the length of Nomar's 2004 playing time with the Sox. How mystical and stuff.

I apparently missed an exciting game last night, whilst Micah was destroying my Warhammer

My only real comment today is on the use or overuse of Schilling in situations like last night. Schilling is a workhorse and a competitor. He's as likely to want to be taken out as Pedro is (and please God, let that NOT be an indicator of things to come in October), although he's probably a bit less fragile. Last night was what, his second or third complete game of the year? I get nervous every time he does it because of the defeat he suffered after his first complete game, but maybe it's not such a bad does mean that the bullpen (who need their rest, especially until Williamson gets back) doesn't have to waste energy on an easy to beat team and can save themselves up for tougher competition. Bronson Arroyo tonight, working to get the sweep. YANKEES SUCK!
army and MLB Gameday clicked away in the background. Manny makes an incredible catch, Varitek homers, Bill Mueller drives in three, Schilling gives up six hits and two runs over nine innings throwing 116 pitches...good times. And Mark Mulder beat the Yankees.