Monday, June 07, 2004

Games 54 - 56

Final Scores:

Game 54: Boston Red Sox 2, Kansas City Royals 5
Game 55: Boston Red Sox 8, Kansas City Royals 4
Game 56: Boston Red Sox 5, Kansas City Royals 3

The skid has ended! Schilling's stock goes up yet again! Derek Lowe actually pitched a decent game (no kidding)! The Sox managed to pick up a game on the Yankees in all this fun and part one of the Great Return may very well happen tomorrow night! For whatever reason, ESPN is broadcasting the second game of this upcoming series versus San Diego, but not the first or third. Internet radio will be my salvation and source for the return of the Nomah.

Apparently MLB finally got the hint that there's only so many times that the Mets can play the Yankees and the Cubs can play the White Sox in inter-league play before it gets boring, so some of this year's inter-league match ups are a bit different. Coming up, we've got the Padres and Dodgers, two teams that have never played at Fenway, coming to Boston and a series between Boston and San Francisco in San Francisco - the first time the two teams have played each other since the 1912 World Series. I love the idea of interleague play. First of all, it provides the opportunity for people to see teams they wouldn't normally see. Second, because of the differences in playing style between the NL and AL, new strategies have to be used to win the game - which I always find interesting and fun to watch. YANKEES SUCK!