Thursday, June 10, 2004

Game 58

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 1, San Diego Padres 8

Alright, so even with The Great Return Part 1, last night wasn't a great night to be a Red Sox fan. Rain delay, awful defensive errors, dead Red Sox bats, Yankees coming back from a five run deficit to beat the Rockies...On the bright side, at least (and how could I be a Red Sox fan if there were no bright side? I would have killed myself by now), Trott has made it up to AAA, so The Great Return Part 2 should be coming soon, Kevin Brown hurt himself (and the Yankees lose a starter who's effective against the Red Sox), Contreras is pitching tonight and last but not least, Nomar had an excellent return. 1 for 2 with a well struck single and a second at-bat that sent a live drive shooting into left (right at the left fielder, but still), some well played defense at short (including a double play and a a great pickup leading to a throw that should have been handled by Andy Dominique if he was, you know, a FIRST BASEMAN...ahem) and a trip from first to third at full speed. I'd say he's back. I tell you, when he came up the first time to the bat, did the whole OCD ritual and swung at the first was a beautiful moment to be a part of Red Sox Nation. Schilling tonight...time to bring the pain. YANKEES SUCK!