Friday, June 11, 2004

Game 59

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 9, San Diego Padres 3

I realized that by the time I typed that post yesterday, the Yankees were well on their way to winning game 3 against the Rockies...if they hadn't won it outright. Darn that Contreras...he never screws up when I say he will.

No matter. The offense last night was on its way to showing just how SICK it'll be. Ortiz hits four singles. Manny SLAMS one out of the park. The Padres walk Manny to get to Nomar and he makes them pay for it, then gets scored by a Millar double. Heck, even Pokey "I'm here for my Glove not my Bat" Reese hit a solo shot. Schilling was his usual dominating self, giving up only two runs and if the setup part of the bullpen had trouble closing out the game, it just demonstrates how much we need Scott Williamson to come off the DL.

Speaking of the DL, I got into a discussion with Robin last night about Mueller vs. Youkilis and who should hold on to the third base position once Mueller comes back. I went with Mueller, for the following reasons: first, Youlk is still pretty young (25). Sending him back to Pawtucket (and he should be sent back, not left to rust on the Sox bench) shouldn't be a blow to his pride. Second, Mueller has the contract...might as well not waste the money. Third, Youkilis, at the moment, is a .280 hitter. If Mueller makes a successful return, he is at the very least a .291 career hitter. If he has a year like last year...the results can only get better. Besides, he's a good third baseman, too, with a 95% field percentage last year (compared to Eric Chavez's 97%).

Dodgers make their entrance tonight, coming to test the ability of Derek Lowe to continue pitching well. YANKEES SUCK!