Saturday, June 19, 2004

Game 66

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 14, San Francisco Giants 9

A monstrously powerful victory for the first game between San Francisco and Boston in 92 years. 5 homeruns! Four of them in back-to-back sets! Sure, Wakefield didn't make it past five innings, but recovering from a 7 - 2 deficit in one inning and then going on to win by 5 runs is, well...beautiful. Kevin "Sunshine" Millar comes up big to start the rally in the fifth with his first pinch hit homerun since last year, when he hit a grand slam against Milwaukee (which was another beautiful moment - I remember exactly where I was when I saw that one). I was in Boston Bowl at around 12:30 or so and watched the last two and a half innings or so while bowling. Trott Nixon comes up...and hits his second homer in three games. Then Doug Mirabelli comes to the plate and hits what turns out to be his fifth homerun. The lack of sound and the lateness of the hour gave a certain ethereal quality to the event, but there you have it. Awesome.

I checked and this morning and got yet more wonderful news. Jeff Weaver gets his revenge against the Jankees in a 6 - 3 win in LA. Javier Vasquez is finally beaten. Eric Gagne is, well, a machine. The Yankees' lead in the East slips to 3.5 games. And, happiest of all, Curt Schilling's ankle is good to go. I don't think it would be untoward to say that some momentum is building here. YANKEES SUCK!