Thursday, June 17, 2004

Game 64

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Colorado Rockies 7

See, if this was last year, a ninth inning rally would have worked. But you can't play that awfully against a piss-poor team like the Rockies and then expect to make up for it in the ninth inning. This team needs to get it's act together, stat, because the way the Yankees are playing tonight, it's about to be 5 and a half games back and sliding. Yeah, sure, it's great that Trott hit a homerun for his second at-bat, but when you fail to get hits with men on base, when you fail to act like a team, it doesn't work. The Red Sox aren't playing like a team right now...they're playing like a group of guys who happen to wearing the same uniform. Nights like tonight, sitting in my overheated room wearing an acrylic hat in the hopes that it'll act as a hitting talisman and listening to the Sox strikout 9 times and leave a ridiculous number of men on base instead of beating up on an awful team just reminds me of how much being a member of Red Sox Nation is like being in a bad marriage. And like the battered woman who keeps showing up at the hospital with a broken jaw claiming she fell down the stairs, we don't have the willpower to leave. Maybe I'll feel better about this tomorrow in time for the 3:05 game, but the Sox don't deserve a "Yankees Suck" tonight. Bah.