Thursday, June 03, 2004

Game 53

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 7, Anaheim Angels 10

Ugh. Really guys. It's not 2003 season. The pitching can pick up again. Vlad the Impaler doesn't need to have a record night. At least there's a night off tonight and a series against Kansas City tomorrow...this team needs to get its collective head screwed back on properly again.

NOMAR UPDATE: Terry Francona has announced an interesting idea that will be implemented on the infield half of The Great Return. Since Nomar's backups, Youkilis, Bellhorn and Reese, have been doing so well in their respective positions (Youkilis won the Rookie of the Month for May, after all) and Francona doesn't want to overplay Nomar right after his return, he'll play the four men in a rotation - sometimes Nomar will DH, sometimes he'll play at short. Sometimes Reese will play short, sometimes Bellhorn will. Sometimes Bellhorn will replace Youkilis at third. The rotation, of course, will change again once Mueller comes off the DL and Youkilis (presumably) goes back to Pawtucket, but the idea is certainly an intriguing one - a good way to avoid bringing Nomar back too quickly and also take advantage of the unexpected boon in skills the Sox have acquired. Hopefully all the players involved are flexible enough to handle the switches, but I think it should work out well. YANKEES SUCK!