Monday, June 14, 2004

Games 60 - 62

Final Scores:

Game 60: Boston Red Sox 2, Los Angeles Dodgers 1
Game 61: Boston Red Sox 5, Los Angeles Dodgers 14
Game 62: Boston Red Sox 4, Los Angeles Dodgers 1

Excellent weekend. Sure, Wakefield seems to be in a weird pitching slump right now, but Lowe had his second good start in a row, Pedro rocked the house last night, Pokey Reese was...THE MAN, the Sox won the series and Part II of The Great Return should happen some time this week. Reese's catch last night, where he leaped a good five or six feet in the air to rob Dave Roberts of a hit that would brought the Dodgers back into the game was certainly the highlight of the weekend, sticking in my mind like Johnny Damon's amazing catch in left-center at the end of last season.

So why am I worried? Schilling is apparently an MRI away from being put on the DL for two to four weeks, depending on how his ankle looks after his start on the 16th against the Rockies. At the moment, the Sox are three and a half games behind the Yankees...and the two teams are playing a three game series in New York, June 29 to July 1. Less than two weeks away. Hell, losing Schilling at all is scary and losing him in a year which the gods of baseball seem to have named Year of the Injury is just that much worse. Theo Epstein was asked last night on ESPN if he had any thoughts on the trading deadline and he said that he was waiting until more of his players were healthy and playing again before he started to make assessments. Hopefully events on Wednesday will prove otherwise, but it looks like that time will be further in the future than expected. Bah. YANKEES SUCK!