Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Game 26

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Detroit Tigers 3

This was a fairly tense game until the fifth. A run in the first for the Sox. Matched by Detroit in their half of the inning. Lots of missed scoring chances by Boston against Detroit starter Mike Maroth, who gave up six walks and five hits. Detroit went up in the fourth against Halama with a run...and then Boston loaded the bases and Doug Mirabelli uncorked on a thigh-high pitch and drove it over the right field fence for a grand slam. It was a bit like Manny's homerun in Boston, although not nearly as long, you knew it was gone as soon as it left the bat, even on the radio. It was, of course, right after Joe and Jerry were talking about how Mirabelli hasn't had that hot of a start, especially after a career year in '04 where he was probably the most dangerous backup catcher, if not one of the most dangerous pinch hitters, that the homerun occured, but ain't that always the way?

You're probably wondering why Mirabelli was playing when Wakefield wasn't pitching. Heck, with a little more information, you might wonder why the beloved backup catcher was the designated hitter. Blame Bob Watson, who felt it meet that Trot Nixon serve a two game suspension for his role in the Tampa Bay fracas. Yes, two games. Bob Watson is a Nazi. Nixon was going to appeal the decision, but with the Sox facing lefties last night and tonight, chose to serve the suspension when it would be convenient for the team. As in Tampa Bay, of course Nixon's sacrifice was the Red Sox gain, with yet another grand slam doing the job. David Ortiz had his first night off all season (also lefty-related) and so Mirabelli came in to do the DH job.

I admit, I shut the game off after that. New domestic arrangements have made it more difficult to listen to games in their entirety and I decided it would be a better idea to have dinner without one ear on the game. Foulke gave up a homerun to Marcus Thames in the ninth, but got the three outs to get the save and the Sox are now 3.5 games back of first. ESPN Wednesday Night Baseball tonight, Wakefield versus Robertson. Love that TV thing...GO SOX!!!