Thursday, May 05, 2005

Game 27

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Detroit Tigers 3

Mike Maroth's problem was walks. Nate Robertson's problem was hits. Nine of them over six and two thirds innings, all singles. The Sox bunched enough of them together in the third to get three runs (incredible how many singles it takes to score three runs) and were helped by an error by Brandon Inge, who is still getting used to playing at third. Wakefield had a good night, giving up three runs over seven innings and the wind was blowing in, so for the most part his knuckleball danced, striking out five. Johnny Damon's hitting streak is up to eleven and Kevin Youkilis continues to tear the cover off the ball, knocking in the game winning RBI in the eighth off of Kyle Farnsworth. Renteria, for all the talk of him being the anti-Tejada, made an incredible play in deep short, gunning down a batter at first with an off-balance throw that made it to first without a bounce. He keeps doing that and we'll all be eating crow. Wakefield is now fifth on the all time wins list for the Sox and Timlin has gone eight straight appearances without a run (sounds like the Timlin of old...). The Red Sox are four and two on the roadtrip.

I was switching between Gameday Audio and ESPN last night, depending on the activity. This was after going to the gym and wishing on the way back that I had one of those XM radios to get a high quality, portable broadcast. It's incredible how much lag there is between Gameday Audio and ESPN; we're talking a good two or three pitches worth of lag. Fortunately, the switch was reasonably pleasant otherwise; getting to watch instead of listen is nice, even if baseball is a very listenable game (with very descriptive announcers) and it was the ESPN crew that included Eric Karos and didn't include Joe Morgan, always a mercy.

Wade Miller is pitching Sunday! After five and two thirds innings, three runs and seven strikeouts in Pawtucket on Tuesday, Miller is ready to make his return and will be facing off against the Mariners. Jeremi Gonzalez will stay on in the rotation and John Halama will go back to the bullpen. It's possible we're coming out of the woods. Bronson Arroyo is defending his perfect three and nothing record in Detroit today. GO SOX!!!