Friday, May 27, 2005

Game 47: Fire Dale Sveum

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, New York Yankees 6

We actually had a chance in this one. Some missed opportunities, including a bases loaded situation in the first that Millar flied out to end (take note: another 13 men left on base), but the Sox finally, finally, FINALLY got ahold of the idea of clutch hitting in the fifth and sixth, only to see it ruined yet again by their idiot first base coach, Dale Sveum, who shall henceforth, until he is fired, be referred to as The Moron.

In the fifth, the clutch hitting came in the form of a gorgeous homerun by the Cap'n, who dropped a Randy Johnson offspeed pitch into Monument Park for a two run shot. In the sixth, the Sox had the makings of an inning: double by Jay Payton, single by Bellhorn to center. The Moron makes an attempt at a saving grace by not sending Payton because Matsui had the ball before Payton even got to third. 'There's hope yet for him,' I thought. RBI single by Damon. The Sox are now smacking balls through holes and building momentum. Bellhorn is now on second. Single by Renteria (who 3 for 4 again tonight) to mid-left field...and THE MORON IS SENDING BELLHORN HOME?! Womack, who has the ball as Bellhorn is hitting third, guns down the Sox second baseman at the plate easily. Two out. Johnny Damon advances to second. Big Papi (who had a tough night at the plate) comes up, smacks a ball to Robinson Cano, who knocks it down and lets it get behind him...and OH MY GOD THE MORON HAS DONE IT AGAIN. HE'S SENT DAMON FROM SECOND. Cano easily guns Damon down at home and the inning is over. Out of five hits and an error, the Sox get ONE LOUSY RUN. Words fail me as I contemplate how our third base coach has killed a rally by committing two major errors in the span of two outs. And, of course, I knew at that point that The Moron would once again cost the Sox the game, up two runs or no.

Self fulfilling prophecy, as Wakefield gave up a two run homerun to Robinson Cano in the bottom of the inning and Embree, who was once again misused by Fracona, pitched a three run homerun to right handed Gary Sheffield to make the score 3 - 6. After that, the Sox couldn't mount a rally against the combined forces of Sturze, Groom, Gordon and Rivera and the game was over.

Tomorrow afternoon, Matt Clement goes for win number six against Carl Pavano. With any luck, Sox baserunners will start ignoring their third base coach entirely and really score some runs. GO SOX!!!