Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Game 38

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Oakland Athletics 6

Oh God, it makes my eyes bleed. THIRTEEN MEN LEFT ON BASE! That's probably the real story of the night: the Sox had the bases loaded TWICE and failed to take advantage. Bill Mueller grounded into his league-leading EIGHTH double play. The pitching staff blew a 2 - 0 lead and a 4 - 4 tie because the offense couldn't score runs and I'm starting to feel like the only way to score runs is through homeruns...which doesn't make for very interesting baseball because homeruns don't happen that often. Hell, the A's were begging to drop their ninth straight through this one - Dotel almost gave up another blown save by getting two runners into scoring position before Mueller flied out to end the game. It's frustrating and the team needs to get its head back on and start scoring runs when they have the chance.

In our nightly conversation I like to call, "Robin's Drunking Ramblings About Baseball," Robin told me that Nixon has some sort of injury, involving his knee, that he should have surgery on...but won't until the offseason. And he won't talk about it otherwise. Meanwhile, he'll just bat against righties only and come out early for Jay Payton. Friggin' hard core. My hat's off to you, Trotsky.

Manny's been distracted from his game because his mother has been sick with arthritis. I tell ya, if that ain't a story to make you love the goofy bastard, I don't know what will. Manny Ramirez, mother-loving American. In any case, his mother is supposed to be on the mend, so hopefully Manny's average and OPS, which have been off track since last All Star break according to Peter Gammons, will be on the mend as well.

Clement and Zito rematch tomorrow night at 10:05 Eastern. I'll probably be there, once again, braving the late hour in the hopes of victory. GO SOX!!!*

* - And score some damn runs!