Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Games 29 - 32

Final Scores:

Game 29: Boston Red Sox 7, Seattle Mariners 2
Game 30: Boston Red Sox 6, Seattle Mariners 3
Game 31: Boston Red Sox 4, Seattle Mariners 6
Game 32: Boston Red Sox 13, Oakland Athletics 5

The major highlights of the past few days:
  1. Rain sucks. Especially when it's cold. Actually, it sucks more for me than it did for the Sox who took two out of three from Seattle, despite a rainout on Saturday that turned Sunday's contest into a day/night doubleheader.
  2. Wade Miller is going to be everything advertised. Six strikeouts, three hits, two runs and one walk in five innings...in the cold rain. If he was healthy enough to pitch a full game, the Sox probably wouldn't have lost the night game, but I'm not complaining.
  3. The Sox pitching staff is pretty amazing right now...and they're still technically short handed. I may be saying this in part because Arroyo is pitching tonight and I'm starting to worship the ground he walks on (and he's only 28!), but the starting pitching especially has really pulled off some miracles in this eight for ten hot streak.
  4. It kinda sucks to be Cla (rhymes with "may not be ready yet") Meredith right now. Sped through the minors, called up to the majors to fill a bullpen spot in place of Blaine "the Sox got the poor end of the Hyzdu trade" Neal, who was designated for assignment along with his 9.00 ERA and then give up a grand slam to Richie Sexson and a stiff wind. Of course, Meredith was only meant to be up for one appearance (to further his development) and he gave up a game winning hit...but he's being touted so highly by Theo and Tito that I'm sure he'll be back in better form later.
  5. The Athletics gave up nine unearned runs last night, including five after first baseman Scott Hatteberg made two errors in the same play. I'm sure pitcher Danny Haren was thrilled that his ERA wasn't effected, but the A's certainly seem to have lost a lot of their luster over the past season and change. Kevin Millar also finally broke his homerun drought with his career high 112th at bat. Fenway works miracles for the faithful, I tell ya.
  6. In a team where "walking wounded" is starting to become a bit too common of a phrase (especially this early in the year) Manny Ramirez seems to be developing his own special category of injured. Last night he was hit in the shoulder and head by an 81 MPH Danny Haren breaking ball in the first inning and had to leave the game. Sunday, he took a Joel Pineiro pitch on the left knee during the first game and was out until the end of game two. And, of course, there was the ankle twisting thing in Detroit. Ramirez did not suffer a concussion after the latest incident, but it would be nice if the Sox version of the Bash Brothers could get back together and go back to doing what they do best.
Arroyo versus Saarloos tonight for the second game of the series. I'm going to do my darndest to actually listen to this one; I'm really starting to look forward to day games during the week because I know I'll get to listen to them. Ah well...GO SOX!!!