Sunday, January 22, 2006

From 0 to 60

Whoa whoa whoa… slow down so I can catch up.

After weeks of inactivity, where the biggest news was “Arroyo for 3 more years!” or “Theo is back, but he never really left” or “David Ortiz is also called Papi!” a lot of action is coming from the front office.

According to the Boston Herald, ESPN and the crazy guy on the F Train who’s always talking to himself, the Red Sox are on the verge of trading Andy Marte and Mota for Co-Co Crisp. Also, free agent Alex Gonzalez is being courted to solve the lack of shortstop. These acquisitions are designed to fill the biggest gaps in the Red Sox line-up and would ensure that any ground ball hit up the middle won’t roll all the way to the wall.

The Crisp trade has some harsh critics. I know that Marte is a #1 prospect and has that “hitters touch” but a major league leadoff hitter and center fielder he is NOT. The party line is that we would just be trading Renteria (yikes) for Crisp (ok) and just ignore that we had Marte (potentially great) at all. I’ll buy that. Rent for Crisp is awesome and I would do that every day of the week. I think we get a guy who will be a cult hero, hits for average and can learn all the hand shakes. I am a fan.

As for the Alex Gonzalez thing… well I was happier when I found out it WASN’T the Alex Gonzalez that got busted for steroids. This is the Alex Gonzalez that played his way out of a starting roll on the Marlins. Wow. Will the ENTIRE infield be made up of players who had bad seasons last year? And if this is the case why didn’t we keep Millar? He hits slightly better than Cora (the other Alex) and is top notch defensively. All that for less than 5 million? Ok I’ll bite.

These are both still on the table till further notice (the Indians are trying to replace Crisp before they trade him and Gonzalez hasn’t reached terms yet) but I hope they both go through. Keep it going Red Sox. Help me get through the dregs of winter.