Friday, January 13, 2006

The Shadow Knows

What evil lurks in the hearts of baseballs? Big Papi knows...

Right about this time of winter is when I really get excited for the coming baseball season. I start thinking about the warm sun, the smell of grass, the cheering crowds, Rem Dawg and D.O. reminiscing about strange hotel rooms across the baseball cities of the U.S. and Canada during a blowout and I get hungry for the return of the boys of summer. But there’s always something that gets me started on the winding trail of memory and anticipation that accompanies the coming season. Last year, it was the Varitek re-signing. This year, it’s the interview David Ortiz did with IGN while filming his character for the upcoming release of the MLB 06: The Show videogame. Not only is Big Papi absolutely hilarious (definitely the guy you’d want to hang out with in a bar), but it’s pretty clear he’s psyched for the coming season and that gets me pumped, too. I can’t wait.