Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The New Weirdo at Short

Insert your favorite chicken-love joke here

Anyway. A 1 year contract, $3 million dollars and one pending physical and a serviceable short stop will be in Fenway again. Alex “Gonzo” Gonzalez has the “gold-glove” quality (heard that before) and has a little more pop in his bat than that Joey or Alex Cora guy that would have been between bags if we didn’t go sifting through the Marlins leftovers. That’s right, ANOTHER ex-Marlin who is coming off a bad year. Oh well.

For the money, I like the deal. It’s an 8 or 9 spot hitter with the ability to be pinch hit for thanks to Cora and Graff being on the bench. Is this the sign Dustin Pedroia will see some AB’s this year? Who knows… but the fact is that now there is a major league player in ever position in Boston. I am a fan of that.

Speaking of new acquisitions, there is an interesting dichotomy concerning Coco Crisp and a Sox off-season addition from the mid nineties. As if everyone couldn’t tell just by looking, Theo has been heard to repeat the fact that “Crisp is NOT Damon
”. The party line is that Crisp is his own player and can’t replace what Damon brought to the team but he will provide plenty on his own.

When I heard that it was like fire in my brain. I KNEW I had heard another man say that before with HORRIBLE results. Then I remembered in 1998 Dan Duquette saying almost the SAME EXACT THING when Mo Vaughn
packed up for California and Jose Offerman was the new Sox savior. Even though Duke warned us Offerman wasn’t going to hit 40 homeruns (or even 10 as it turned out) or bat .400 (or even .300) and he wasn’t the life of the party like Mo was… he was going to bring his own vibe to the table. I guess vibe means 3 years of garbage.
Yikes! Did that turn out poorly. Here is fingers toes and eyes crossed that history won’t repeat itself with Damon and Coco. Although it really can’t. Damon would have had to be Ortiz and Coco would have had to be… I dunno… Mike Lowell? Oh wait, we already have Mike Lowell. Crap.