Saturday, April 15, 2006

Game 11: Good News/Bad News

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 0, Seattle Mariners 3

Good News: Wake went 9 innings with only 2 earned and saved the bullpen from overuse.
Bad News: Wake gave up 9 hits and Bard allowed an unearned run off passed balls. One bad inning ruined the whole day.

Good News: Francona gave some of the starters the day off. Much needed rest for those guys.
Bad News: Cora, Stern, Bard, Snow and Gonzo do not make for a potent lineup.

Good News: Manny got a hit. Perhaps a sign he’s getting out of the slump?
Bad News: Manny had 2 strikeouts and is batting .205. He’s playing like a lost kitten.

Good News: Wily Mo had 2 hits and was the offensive star of the day.
Bad News: Wily Mo had more trouble in the outfield when he badly misjudged a ball and let it go over his head.

Good News: Ummmm…
Bad News: It wasn’t like guys didn’t have chances. The Sox left 9 runners on base.

Good News: Hey… quit it!
Bad News: In the 2nd inning, the Red Sox had the bases loaded with no outs. Gonzo (K), Stern (K) and Cora (groundout) couldn’t get the job done. No runs.

Good News: No, really. Cut it out…
Bad News: David Wells is going back on the DL after only one start.

Wait… is that even considered bad news?
I'm unsure. Go Sox?