Saturday, April 22, 2006

Game 18: Hangover

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 1, Toronto Blue Jays 8

There is always a let down after a big extra inning loss. After playing late into the night and having that game end in disappointment, you can expect some lethargy during in a following morning game. But this was ri-goddamn-diculous.

DiNardo got absolutely shelled (O Bronson where art thou). Van Buren came in as a mediocre stopgap but the game was over in the 1st. Francona, knowing how tired his regulars were and sensing a butt whooping was the works, decided to use his JV lineup. Cora, Snow and Bard all got starts with Willie Harris taking over for Manny in the 7th. Halladay only gave up one run, but he didn’t pitch that great. His location was off and looked weak in the velocity department. I think on a different day, with a different cast of characters, the Sox could have done some surgery on the ailing ace. The Jays pen however, was awesome. They completely shut down the tired Sox hitting from the 6th inning on.

I know it’s still only April, but the front office better have a shopping list already set up in their heads. Hmmm what do we need? Eggs, milk, a 5th starter, bullpen help, mango salsa and a case of Slim-Fast for David Wells.

Tomorrow morning Clement is going to try to prevent the sweep when he faces Josh Towers. The Sox hit Towers pretty well so hopefully this can be a change of momentum game. Then let’s get the hell out of Canada. Go Sox.