Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wily Mo Peña, Family Man

Bob's Furniture: delivering bedrooms, dining rooms, bat speed...?

So, apparently Wily Mo Peña has plans to stay in Boston for a while. Frankly, I approve of these plans highly; yesterday and Bronson Arroyo’s two home runs to Wily Mo’s none notwithstanding, the Sox have their hands on a talented slugger who will develop more discipline at the plate, learn the confines of the Fenway outfield and, most likely, take Manny’s spot behind Ortiz when Ramirez and his big contract move on. For now, with Nixon out five to seven games with his minor groin injury and Coco Crisp nursing his finger fracture, Peña, Adam “Canadian Idol” Stern and Pawtucket-call up Dustin Mohr will have the chance to split time playing center and right field and Peña will have the chance to get past his nerves, stop swinging at every pitch and avoid running into walls. But how I do know Peña plans to stay in Boston for a while? Because, my friends, I have inside sources.

Ok, one inside source. And by inside source, I mean my buddy Alan, who works for Bob’s Furniture and called me to brag that he had just met Peña by delivering three bedroom sets, a dining room set and a living room set to Peña’s new home. That’s right; Keep Your Sox on in Brooklyn, coming at you with the hot scoops. Next, we’ll be the first to announce that Manny Ramirez has decided that flailing wildly at pitches might not be the best way to hit them.