Tuesday, October 04, 2005

2005 ALDS Game 1: Can We Get A Do Over?

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 2, Chicago White Sox 14

Yeah, it was this bad

On July 26th in Tampa Bay, Matt Clement was hit in the head with a line drive and had to be hospitalized. The Sox came back to win that game in extra frames and it turned out to be one of the most galvanizing moments the team has had this year. It brought them together and made them play at a higher level. Well, THE REST OF THE TEAM DID. Clement hasn’t been right since he took one off that bearded melon of his. After the braining, he has gone 3-3 with an ERA above 5.00. And yet, here he is starting the first game of the playoffs. Who would have thought it would have turned out so badly?

Not anyone in the Red Sox organization I guess. After giving up 5 runs in the first, I was a little emotional. After giving up 3 more before he was driven screaming from the mound, I was down right upset. After seeing the Red Sox hitters flail like kids on a telethon and the bullpen barely hold the boat upright, I was as mad as I’ve ever been. Again.

Clement should have NEVER come out for the 4th inning but by that time it was already 6-2 and Francona was selecting pitchers by using coin flips and dice rolls. The bats were silenced by a rejuvenated Jose Contreras who decided to not suck against the Red Sox as per the norm. I guess he took Guillen’s threat to ship him back to Cuba seriously. And the pen? Well, at 8-2 you have to be feeling pretty bad, but 6 more runs? Guys, THIS IS THE PLAYOFFS! They should be calling Chicago the Brown Sox because they put their foot so far up the Red Sox collective ass.

Let's forget this ever happened. Wednesday, 7:00, Wells vs Buehrle. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.

GO (Red) SOX!!