Thursday, October 20, 2005

Houston, We Have Pennant

Although it may pain a few readers of this blog to hear it, I was pulling for the Astros the whole NLCS and am very glad that the 2005 World Series will feature two teams that not only seem to have the Devil’s own luck, but really want to win it all. On one side, we’ve got the team of 88 years of curse, the White Sox with their predominantly black uniforms, the second team of the second city, trying to finally break the shame of the 1919 scandal. On the other side, the Astros, making their first appearance in the big series, with a team that’s made incredible mid-season comebacks two years in a row, not to mention surviving a devastating loss in the NLCS, recovering the next night with a strong victory over the Cardinals in St. Louis. We’ve got Buerhle, Garland, Contreras, El Duque and Jenks versus Pettite, Oswalt, The Rocket and Lidge, Konerko versus the Killer B’s and FOX executives crying about the loss in ratings. Short of another Boston World Series, I couldn’t be happier.

I’m pulling for Chicago to win this one, because I’m all for eliminating World Series droughts and the historical significance of seeing the White Sox break through the Black Sox curse would be a sight to see, but I’ll be happy with an Astros victory, too. Let it go to seven games, let it be dramatic, let it be the best of what baseball has to offer.