Wednesday, October 05, 2005

2005 ALDS Game 2: Don't Fear The Reaper

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Chicago White Sox 5

Well, they had it. For 4 innings, it was Red Sox beating up on Buerhle, Wells making sure nobody messed with his cake and it looked like Boston would have Game 2 in hand….until the fifth. A few singles, a double or two and the White Sox get two back. No problem, Juan Uribe’s up, he’s hitting a ground ball to Graffanino to turn two, he’s…crap, Graff’s pulling a Billy Buckner. I didn’t see it, I only heard it (and through the descriptions of the Chicago radio announcers no less, because the WEEI feed wasn’t working), so I don’t know how bad it looked, but the result was bad enough – with two runners on and one out, Tadahito Iguchi hit the long ball and put Chicago on top for good. It was a compounding of errors and Boston never recovered, failing to mount an effective attack against Buerhle or his relief, Bobby Jenks. Edit: lest anyone get the impression otherwise, I'm not suggesting that Tony G. lost the game, any more than Billy Buckner lost the game in '86. The error and the home run together caused problems and the Red Sox never came back. That's what a "compounding of errors" means.

So, back to Boston we go, down 0 and 2, our last, best hope once again in the form of the Stopper, his magic knuckleball and the power of the Fenway crowd to try and carry the Red Sox through. Summon up the comeback power of 1999 and 2003 and 2004, take the travel day to gather yourselves, never say die, don’t fear the sweep and GO RED SOX!!!