Monday, October 17, 2005

Sox Win The Pennant

Well, the OTHER Sox won the pennant. So maybe they didn’t cheat. Maybe it wasn’t a fluke. Maybe Ozzie Guillen ISN’T holding the umps families hostage (but he did get another call reversed tonight… he must have photos of Bud Selig in drag). Maybe… just maybe... they’re for real.

The ALCS MVP Paul Konerko has a red hot bat, Carl Everett has also been a T-Rex at the plate, and Aaron Rowand patrols centerfield like a homing missile. But it’s the freakishly amazing pitching that is the real story. Contreras, Garcia and Garland? Remember when these guys were mediocre pitchers? Well now they pitch 9 innings and look like Lefty Grove doing it. The Angels had only 27(!?!?) hits and 11 runs in the 5 games combined. You can find that under the heading: being totally shut down. It makes that Pepsi commercial with Vlad and A-Rod look REALLY funny right now. They should remake it with the can of soda striking them both out.

In NL news, the Cardinals are one game away from elimination and are using random fans to fill roster spots for the walking wounded on their team. Not to lessen the fantastic job the Astros have been doing kicking the crap out of guys like John Mabry, Hector Luna and John Rodriguez (J-Rod?) but I think if the Red Birds were 100% they would have won this series already. Of course, I remember that they were favored in the World Series last year and that didn’t go as planned either.

Speaking of last year, today marks the 1 year anniversary of the devastating 19-8 Red Sox loss in game 3 of ALCS. I was in a Holiday Inn Express with a bunch of college freshmen and a bottle of Mezcal. Don’t ask. If I knew then what I know now…I might not have woken up the next morning looking like Abe Vigoda.