Wednesday, October 19, 2005

A Sigh Of Relief

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a momentous day here at Keep Your Sox On. I'm not talking about the Astros folding two nights ago in their attempt to knock down the house of Cards with King Albert's recreation of the Hendu home run and their hopes to avoid collapsing under the weight of the level 2 gut punch starting tonight. I'm not talking about the one year anniversaries of Games 4 and 5 - ok, I'm a day or two off, but that sort of thing deserves a whole week of anniversary, not just a measely day or two. I'm not talking about the rumors flying around about whether Theo will be re-signed as Boston GM and whether we'll see the dark side of Larry Lucchino come Spring. No, I'm talking about an event so wonderous, so incredible, that we're throwing a small party here with lots of confetti, Kevin Millar's corn liquor stash AND Nelson de la Rosa in honor of the occasion: Dave Sveum is no longer with the Red Sox Organization.

Yes, you read the correctly. The third base coach with the apparent depth perception issues will trouble Red Sox Nation no more.

He wasn't fired (at least according to Tito) - he's heading back to Milwaukee to join the Brewers for "family reasons" - but I'll take the victories as they come. The Sox are talking to Texas first base coach DeMarlo Hale as a possible replacement, but have announced no firm plans. Sveum has acknowledged to the media the fan's ire with him over the past two years for various mishaps on the basepaths and while he said at one point he'd rather take the boos over the players, it's possible that Sveum, like a few other members of the Red Sox, is tired of being in the Boston spotlight.

Thus, with a profound sigh of relief, we're retiring the Moron Counter from its position on the right navigation bar to a deep, dark corner of the Red Sox Nation psyche, next to the effigy of Byung Hung Kim and the voodoo doll of Jose Offerman. Let's hope we won't have to pull it out again for a long, long time. Now, back to that corn liquor...