Sunday, March 26, 2006

Juan Really Gone (Strange) Free Graf (Huh?) and Choi (Ok)

Ok some strangeness (like that’s new). Another unique Theo pick up. The cheap and versatile Hee Sop Choi is added to the roster for about $750,000 and a plate of kimchi. Nice pick and it adds another option if Snow, Youlk and Lowell don’t pan out. Can’t complain about this one unless you remember that we lack bullpen depth. Choi don’t pitch.

On the other side of weirdness… apparently Juan Gonzalez backed out of his minor league deal with the Sox due to the acquisition of Wily Mo. He can put 1 and 1 together I guess. Here’s where it gets odd. Juan said he had a deal with Oakland lined up and that’s where he would go. But according to them, that’s not remotely true (6th paragraph down). He made it up? Nice and crazy! Now he is trying out for the Rockies. If that doesn’t work I think Narnia is trying to field a team.

Oh and BYE Graffanino. Waivers huh? I would have liked SOMETHING in return for you... but I guess it was not to be. Hope you find a home, maybe you can shack up with Juan Gone.