Monday, March 27, 2006

Mama Said Knock You Out


Spring training is beginning to look like a fight from the old Batman series with Adam West.

POW! BIFF! On Sunday, Beckett goes nuts after the Phillies Ryan Howard admires a LONG out that the wind blown in. Howard says that would have been a home run on a normal day, Beckett tells him to do something that is nearly anatomically impossible and only legal in Alabama. Benches clear. Hilarity ensues.

BAM! CRACK! Today, the bullpens resident nut job Julian Tavarez throws a right cross into the face of Joey Gathright as he slides into home. Did Gathright really spike him? Who knows! But the benches clear and tempers flared. No one feuds with Tampa like the Sox.

Your 2006 Boston Red Sox!
We might lose the game… but we ALWAYS win the fight!