Sunday, March 05, 2006


He's back for Round 2
“For as much as Wells loves to hop on his surf board on blissful San Diego mornings with his kids, he also loves to win.”

You’re damned right. Guess what, San Diego: you can keep your beautiful weather, your sun-kissed beaches, your world-famous zoo, because your baseball team won the best of the worst competition in the NL West last year and David Wells wants no part of it. The man wants to end his career with a bang and by God, no one better mess with his cake. Since he’s not leaving Boston, the Sox now have seven starters on the roster, an embarrassment of riches even compared to last year’s haul of starters – and all of them are healthy, too. Will Papelbon be riding the Lou Merloni Special down to Pawtucket? Will Arroyo make an exit-left to the bullpen? Will Clement make an exit-right to some other team in exchange for…? Prospects, I guess; there aren’t too many holes in the lineup right now. Time will tell, I guess, but I’m glad we’ve got Wells around for another year and that he’s here to win.