Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wily Mo and Much Mo

It was a classic Sox/Yanks show down (only it was spring training and nobody really cares that much, right?) and it was the first chance to see slugger Wily Mo Pena (WMP) as a Red Sox. I must admit… I almost forgot that this one didn’t count.

In the end, the Yankees pitching (and Riske struggles) elevated them to a 5-4 win, but the real story was the Sox young sluggers. WMP hit a line drive homerun that probably wouldn’t have made it out of Fenway, but it was more than enough for the stadium in Tampa. I really am taking a shine to this guy. He looks like a fun loving, hard hitting, and bad fielding (but had a good catch at the wall last night) Dominican power hitter… and YES, I know we already have 2 of those.

The other guy that has been the talk of the town is our favorite Canadian (sorry Geddy Lee) Adam Stern! Ever since he destroyed team USA in the WBC this guy has been switched on. He had 3 hits last night with a HR in the 9th to make it close. So now we have 2 more outfielders and nowhere to put them.

I think this spells the end for Trot Nixon. He may be a hard nosed, tobacco spittin' dirt dog... but after this season he will go the way of Millar, O-Cabs, Arroyo, Pedro, Minky, Myers, Embree, Bellhorn, Mueller, Lowe, Damon, Belli, and Pokey. Another one of the 25 champs from 2004 that will leave to find his own dreams and destiny. Or go to a strip club. I don’t really know where these guys go.