Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Visitor from Planet Man-Ram

Manny Returns to Ft. Myers

He asks for a trade almost every off-season. It is rumored he hates playing for the Red Sox and can’t stand the lack of privacy in Boston. He doesn’t appreciate that his contract is one of the biggest in baseball history.

But we love Manny.

He shows up late to spring training. He takes “personal” days off during the season. He takes sick days and then is found partying with Enrique Wilson. He has been called a slacker, a lay-about, a goof off and worse.

We still love Manny.

His play in the field is one step beyond bad. He looks like he doesn’t know where he is half the time. He has been caught with headphones and a water bottle out in the field and he pisses in the Green Monster between batters.

Why do we love Manny so much?

40 HR and 130 RBI. That’s what he brings to the table almost every season. That’s Hall of Fame numbers. That’s astounding, amazing and eye popping when paired with Ortiz, another giant of offense, there is no better duo in the majors.

So, spit in our face. Tell us we suck. Tell us you don’t want to play here. We will love you for it. We can’t NOT love you. Your antics are always forgiven and laughed off because of what you do at the plate. Besides, your goofiness makes the game “fun” even when it’s not supposed to be.

Manny is Back.