Monday, March 20, 2006

Juan Gone But Not Hard to Find

Playing the role of aged slugger who will get $1 Million dollars but probably less than 20 AB is none other than Juan Gonzalez. Theo saw him languishing on the side of the road and lured him into his SUV with candy treats and a one year minor league contract. I guess the bottom of the barrel was shallower this year. Frank Thomas is an Athletic, Sammy Sosa really did retire and I don’t think Rafael Palmeiro is a good fit in Boston. That leaves Juan Gone. Welcome!

I think I went over the fact that baseball players are not wineage isn’t a positive factor. Unfortunately, age is the one thing Gonzalez has in spades (actually he is only 36. So maybe it’s not the age but the mileage). Then again it is a low money contract and he will be battling Adam Stern for the backup outfield position when (that’s WHEN not IF) Trot spends a few weeks on the DL. If Juan can bounce back from an injury plagued season then Theo will look like a genius. If not, no biggie!

Hmmm… seems like the Red Sox have a TON of players hoping to bounce back to former glory. I hope that a time machine becomes standard equipment in the trainers room.